Talent Acquisition with ACC (Al Arrab Contracting Company) – Riyadh

Talent Acquisition

Talent acquisition has become the heavy artillery in the war for talent. In the ultra-competitive world in which we live, organizations with the right people in the right jobs at the right time stand to win big. These organizations take care to understand their current state, forecast talent gaps and take the necessary steps to close those gaps.

You can’t take for granted that you already have people with the necessary capabilities. The truth is that it can take several months, if not years, to  get the right people in the right jobs, and this can seriously hinder the execution of even the most well thought out strategy.

Once you have assessed your internal talent inventory and understand the jobs you will need in order to execute your new strategy, you can identify your gaps, determine a timeframe for closing those gaps, and create specific tactics for closing gaps. This is where getting the right talent acquisition approach is key.

You typically have 4 options as you seek to fill these roles.  They are “The 4 Bs”:

1. Build: Developing your internal talent helps you build a cohesive culture and sends a strong message to your people that you are committed to them. It also mitigates risk because you know the employee, the employee knows you, and the transition can be relatively quick.

2. Bounce: Redeploy talent from obsolete or redundant jobs, as well as people who don’t fit well with the new jobs that they may be qualified to fill. This can also mean bouncing the employee from the organization altogether.

3. Buy: Recruit outside talent. This can be expensive, slow and risky. Recruiters are often involved, the process may be long, due diligence takes more time, and it is still difficult to predict whether the outside hire will be successful in your organization.

4. Borrow: Procure contingent or contract labor. This is increasingly popular for new ventures because it is highly flexible and you can “try before you buy.”

ACC is permanently looking for great construction people or/and overall performers in the industry. If you are looking for a dynamic and career driven profession with one of the large construction firms in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, then you came to the right place.

We already compete with international firms and our staff development as well as the projects that we own, makes us a leader in our field.

Contact our HR Talent Acquisition Department and let’s discuss you future with ACC  – Al Arrab Contracting Company.

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