A Good Company Culture

In a “good” work culture people can fulfill their desires around the tasks. This is a workplace with high morale and motivation—and thus high productivity.

What Is a “Good” Work Culture? Just Ask!

When you ask people in any company, “What would you like more of in the workplace?” they say something like:

  • More involvement in decisions that affect me.
  • A feeling of safety—more openness and trust.
  • Better communication and more information.
  • Better teamwork and more cooperation.
  • More focus on getting work done and less on politics.
  • Clearer tasks, responsibilities, and boundaries, so I can be personally responsible for my work.
  • Looking forward to coming to work.

By definition, developing a good work culture means moving in the direction people want. It is simple to do. Leaders make small changes in how they do what they do everyday to show that they support and encourage the desired qualities.

A “bad” work culture is one where people cannot fulfill their desires. It is the opposite of the above.

Leadership Is The Key

Poorly developed work cultures are usually led by managers who keep tight control over information and decisions. Usually this stems from fear, “If I open it up, how do I know what will happen?” When these managers try passing control to others, they find that by sharing control, they actually have more of it. When this happens they see endless opportunities to safely involve people.

When you develop the work culture, everybody wins.


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