Great People Make Great Companies

The press is ripe with conversation, debate, and advice about the generation of young professionals often referred to as Generation Y or the Millennial Generation. From TV anchors to business efficiency authors, everyone is discussing how to best manage and motivate this philosophical, self-oriented – and seemingly at times, unwieldy – pool of professionals.

My interest in Millennials is two-fold. On one hand, I’m a recruiter. My goal is to help build teams of professionals who deliver genuine, valuable business results to the companies for which they work. It is my job to find and place the very best talent for my clients’ needs.

But my interest doesn’t stop there because I don’t just recruit any business person, I recruit Human Resources professionals. I help build the internal HR teams who are truly charged with the day-to-day, year-over-year task of hiring, developing, managing, and retaining inspired and productive workforces – including Millennials.

And throughout my years of recruiting, I have learned and internalized one clear truth: Great people – regardless of age – make great companies.

Though the mass media may like you to believe that Generation Y is unmotivated or unmanageable, I offer you a rosier perspective. As with the generations before them, yes, they are different from their parents and light years from their grandparents. But they are technologically savvy, highly educated and communicative, globally aware, and remarkably diverse.

Hire well and you harness significant opportunity and talent for your business. All companies and industries must incorporate Gen Y professionals to ensure future growth, and learning how to hire and lead this group will be critical for success.

Working with professionals and companies across the country, I’ve developed eight important guidelines on how to successfully recruit and manage the Millennial Generation. I invite you to explore this topic more in “Recruiting and Managing Millennials: 8 Tips on Managing Generation Y from a Successful HR Recruiter” and then share your experiences and insights here.

I look forward to continuing the discussion and further developing useful, effective hiring and managing strategies that we can all engage as Generation Y begins to take the reins from the Baby Boomers before them.

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