Lessons for Leaders……


Lessons from the leaders:

  1. Find your passion – it’s only through finding work that you truly feel passionate about that you can turn that work into success.
  2. Look ahead – what course does the future look to be taking? Are there any trends you can predict?
  3. Be prepared – form a business plan. It will start you off on the right foot and keep you heading in the right direction.
  4. Take risks – people who don’t take risks rarely achieve high levels of success.
  5. Learn from your mistakes – don’t give up when something goes wrong. Instead learn from the mistake and do it differently the next time.
  6. Remember the importance of marketing and publicity – people will only buy your product or use your service if they know it’s out there!
  7. Always respect the people you deal with – if you are honest with people and show them respect this will reflect back on you.
  8. Give something back to the community – the ultimate business achievement is being able to share your success with others.
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