ACC Saudi National Training Program — Fantastic Opportunity.

Now this is a fantastic opportunity for any recent Qualified Saudi National to be part of one of the best and leading construction companies in Saudi Arabia, and above all 100% Saudi owned.

We are looking for recent qualified Saudi with degrees that will fit into the construction industry. This is what we offer and how we do it?


  • ›To meet the recruitment objectives under Saudization programme
  • ›To identify the young Saudi Nationals with the ability to be fully fledged Business Managers based on the identification of positions and groom them with the necessary skills and competencies required to take up responsibility for effectively and efficiently managing businesses and divisions. 
  • ›To possess a competitive advantage over the other competitors within the industry by developing competencies among the Saudi Nationals take up the future challenges. 
  • ›To use as the basement to foster the learning concept within the organization and to improve human productivity.
  • ›In order to create awareness and expose the trainees to the operations of key division in the company, they will be given a Cross-Exposure schedule to be completed during the year.
  • ›As part of this Cross-Exposure, the trainees will be assigned certain projects to be carried out that involve studying the operations of the divisions followed by a presentation to the divisional management to assess the success of the project completion. 
If you are a Saudi National looking to be part of the growth of your own country, and be part of this legacy, contact us now and discuss.
This is a opportunity in a life-time not to be missed.
Contact us now, and let us invite you to come and meet the training teams.
Contact us now:

Kumara Galhenage : 00966 1 210 7556 ext 1466

Mobile: +966.55.6419.791


Saudi Training

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