3 Things You’re Forgetting in Your Recruitment Process

Usually, you’ll find us talking about how organizations can use employee assessment to identify the right candidates.   But what is your organization doing to attract potential candidates? Before your organization can assess and identify the candidates who will be successful, those candidates have to actually want to work for you and more importantly apply for the job in the first place. 

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If you want good talent to start looking at your organization as a potential employer there are a number of things you can do, but here are 3 effective and relatively easy-to-implement ideas that you can do right now:

1. Strong Company Brand & Mission Statement.

Provide a thorough description/breakdown of your brand and mission statement.  Job seekers like to be fully informed about your company’s history, successful projects, philosophy that has shaped the organization, and what impact your products and services have had.  The description should include examples of strong leadership, fairness, and your company’s uniqueness.  Define what sets you apart from others.  Keep your social media positive – be sure your blog, Facebook page, Twitter feed, etc. portrays your company in the best possible light.  Be sure you have a positive online reputation.

2.  A Detailed Job Description.

Don’t underestimate the importance of this.  A good job description will clearly state the duties and responsibilities of the position, as well as information about the work environment.  Good applicants will stick to jobs that fit their work style, so it’s important that you also state the work style that best fits your company culture.  They are also more likely to be drawn to your organization if you mention the opportunities for advancement.  In the current economic climate, longevity and security are major selling points for today’s job seeker.
3.  Workplace Flexibility.

Last but not least is having flexibility in the work environment.  This includes work hours, schedules, dress code, and work-from-home options.  This gives a sense of empowerment to employees, trusting them with personal responsibility that they can successfully perform their job in a way that works best for them.  Not to mention, individuals who have a healthy work/life balance tend to be more productive employees.

Your company is a great place to work, right?  Just be sure to communicate this so you can attract the best candidates and continue to build a strong workforce.

As I mentioned earlier, these are just 3 things companies can do to attract quality candidates.  What does your organization do to attract the best applicants?  What have you found to be most effective?

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1 Response to 3 Things You’re Forgetting in Your Recruitment Process

  1. Z says:

    Correct. Providing a job description is important, but unfortunately I don’t see a job description on the jobs posted.

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