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What Really Motivates Young People?

Posted by: The Coaching Academy In: Coaching Articles When consultant Cam Marston first warned HR people that the ‘generation gap’ threatened to become a chasm into which good but misguided intentions and company profits could tumble, they said the idea was … Continue reading


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How to Get Away with Lying on Your Resume

  When is it not only beneficial, but also morally acceptable, to lie on your resume? Only in instances when you’re lying to yourself for the benefit of self-confidence. Much has been written about building confidence for an interview. But … Continue reading

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7 Surprising Reasons You Didn’t Get A Call Back For That Job

It’s natural to wonder why you didn’t get an interview – or perhaps make it to the second round – for a job you thought was a perfect fit. While I always feel it’s best to ask the hiring manager … Continue reading

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Six Rules for Job Search and Career Development

  Six Rules for Job Search and Career Development It’s not news that hiring process has changed in the last decade. First there was the advent of online job boards and the end of the newspaper want ads. Then more … Continue reading

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Never give up, never ever give up!

It was the 1870’s. Somewhere in a workshop in New Jersey, Thomas Alva Edison was burning the midnight oil, trying to create a light bulb. He tried several experiments – all without success. He just couldn’t get it right. His … Continue reading

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