Al Arrab Contracting – The New Era of Construction Begins…


AL Arrab Contracting Company (ACC)

  A regional general contracting group established in 1983. Current staff and manpower exceed 15,000. Classified as first class contracting for buildings, Attained Contractor of the year 2011 Award, Arabian Business Magazine, pre-qualified for many governmental and private sector clients, Maintains high Safety records exceeding 18 million hours without lost time injuries.

 As we all know that the construction in Saudi Arabia is boosting in fact it is the number 1 business in the next 10 years. The total price for these projects is SR.750 Billion, the size of the construction sector projects raised in Saudi Arabia during the current period 161 billion riyals, of which about 80 billion riyals a private establishment of the new university cities. Contracts for construction projects and infrastructure in Saudi Arabia to 119 billion dollars during the current year 2012, which means they will be a very high need for manpower from labors to CEO’s.

It is expected that the Middle East region is witnessing a growth in construction and infrastructure. Where predicted many of the senior managers and officials in the industry that these sectors will see growth in profits in the short and long alike according to MEED projects.

And experienced building and construction projects in the Gulf region grew by 13%, reaching to $ 65.5 billion in 2012, and owned by the UAE the largest share of the total reconstruction and construction market in the region by 48%, followed by Saudi Arabia with 33%.

The year 2011 also saw the completion building and reconstruction projects valued at 46.52 billion dollars in the region, and this number is expected to be increased exceptionally to 79.75 billion dollars in 2012.
With regard to real estate projects expected report Ventures Middle East, to double the value of commercial real estate that has been completed in 2011, to reach $ 15.3 billion in 2012, indicating that the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council spends vast sums on Contracting interior design and equipment than their counterparts in the U.S. Nations and the European Union and Japan.
The report pointed out that it was in 2011 awarded construction projects valued at more than $ 57.8 billion to contractors working in all sectors of construction, “residential and commercial, hospitality and retail,” is likely to grow the sector as a whole increased by 13% to 65.5 billion dollars by the end of 2012. Deloitte report indicates the Middle East to the expectations nominate Saudi Arabia to be the most active construction markets globally and to see significant growth in the Saudi construction sector, which constitutes the largest market in the Arabian Gulf in terms of population density and the total income of the year.

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